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Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

This online platform ("platform") is provided by the company Faibl UG (haftungsbeschränkt) ("Faibl", "we" or "us").

The platform provides access to surf guides created by us or by our users ("users", "you").

By using the our platform you agree to these terms and conditions.

2. Service availability

Access to our platform is provided temporarily. We reserve the right to change or terminate access to the platform without notice.

We provide our platform as is and are not liable for any unavailability or misfunction where legally permissible.

3. Use restriction

All copyrights and intellectual property related to our platform belong to Faibl. All rights reserved.

Our users agree to not use our platform in any way that might terminate or damage our platform or to violate against any copyrights or contravene any law.

4. Security

Your privacy is very important to us and your data is governed by the highest possible security standards. However, while we take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee absolute security. Entering and transferring data by our users is done at their own risk.

5. Personal information / Privacy

We take privacy seriously. All your personal information is stored and processed according to our privacy policy. We will never reveal your personal data to any third parties, except where obliged to do so by law or if you have explicitly approved it.

We store a cookie for authentication when the user registers or logs in. The cookie gets deleted when the user logs out of our platform.

Users need to provide a username, an email address and a password to register. The password gets encrypted before we store it in our database. Nobody will ever see the password and users will only see their own email address. Usernames will be publicly visible.

If a user creates a guide, she can choose if she wants to make it public (accessible by all users) or private. Private guides can still be shared with selected users.

6. How Locaine can use your content

Words and images that you post on Locaine still belong to you but you grant Locaine the right to make them available to the public use them to advertise for Locaine or for guides. You grant Locaine and its users a royalty-free use of your content. We reserve the right to remove or modify your content for any reason. By uploading images and words on Locaine, you assert that you are the copyright owner.

7. Pricing

You will be able to sell your guides on Locaine. You'll get 50% of the price of your sold guides. The rest is for taxes, payment transaction fees and for us. We reserve the right to change the pricing of the guides and your share thereof at any time.

Locaine will pay you quarterly and within four weeks of the actual receipts. Amounts of less than EUR 30 may be carried forward to the next payment cycle.

8. Our liability

Our liability is limited to death or personal injury caused by gross negligence on our part.

We are not liable for any loss, damage or costs caused by computer viruses or malware.

To the extent legally permissible, we are not liable for the content, data or correctness of our platform. Access to and consumption of our content is done at the users' own risk.

To the extent legally permissible, we explicitly exclude our liability for:

  • Incorrect guide information
  • Incorrect surf or weather condition forecasts
  • The security of your personal information

Guide producers may update their guides at any time for any reason. We are not liable for these changes. Guides may be edited after they have been published or sold, but the changes have to comply with our guidelines for public guides. Every user who bought a guide from a guide producer has to accept any changes the guide producer may subsequently apply to his guides.

9. Place of fulfilment, Place of jurisdiction, Applicable Law

Place of fulfilment is the company headquarters of Faibl. The only place of jurisdication for all controversies related to these terms and conditions is Hamburg, Germany.