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Stop searching, start surfing.

Finally a surf report system with reliable overall surf condition ratings. Highly customizable and based on local human knowledge.

Explore spots

Find high quality surf guides around the world.

  • Browse guides around the world
  • Invaluable information shared by fellow surfers
  • See which spots are on in the next 10 days
  • Detailed forecasts including breaking wave height and overall surf condition
  • No crap. We review every public guide.
Screenshot: Find guides
Browse our Find Guides section to find high quality surf guides created by fellow surfers.
Screenshot: Guide preview
Preview guides to get an idea of the area and spots it covers.
Screenshot: Guide information
Purchase guides and get access to detailed information
Screenshot: Spot information
about surfing the spots in the area.
Screenshot: Guide report
Enjoy easy-to-understand reports based on local knowledge
Screenshot: Spot report
and highly accurate forecasts for the next 10 days.

Personalized forecasts

Truly accurate forecasts matching your preferred conditions

  • Define your spots and preferred conditions
  • Accurate forecasts for your surf style
  • Easy to use traffic light reports
  • Forecasts including breaking wave height
  • Private: Only you can see your spots
  • 100% free. No signup fee no hidden costs
Screenshot: Add Spot
Add Spots simply by placing a marker on a map.
Screenshot: Spot edit profile
Create a spot profile by adding information and images.
Screenshot: Add Condition
Define what conditions are needed for the spot to work best.
Screenshot: Spot report
Our system calculates your personal report based on your conditions.
Screenshot: Spot report
And a highly accurate forecast for the next 10 days.
Screenshot: Invite friends
Your guides are private by default and you decide who has access.

Make money

Turn your local surf knowledge into cash

  • Create professional surf guides
  • Sell your local surf spot knowledge
  • Help fellow surfers catch good waves
  • Choose a price between 2.99€ and 7.99€
  • Get your guide listed on our market
  • It's easy and fun
Screenshot: Guide edit profile
Once your guides fulfills certain requirements.
Screenshot: Guide edit visibility
You can make the guide available to the public
Screenshot: Guide Market
and put the guide on our market

Boost your business

Reach tons of surfers to grow your business

  • Attract surfers to your area
  • Feature your website within your guide
  • Boost your local business
  • Leverage our reach and social media presence
  • Embed surf condition forecasts widgets directly into your website
Screenshot: Public guide
Creating public guides gives you the option to put your area on the map
Screenshot: Public guide
and attract the surfing communityto your area or business.